March Madness afoot…

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A fruitful week here at the IMM. Great to see all the photos coming in for the latest competition. 250 odd posts at this stage. Keep them flying in, JP only loves the notifications coming through on the phone!! 👌 Some gorgeous examples and lots of works in progress! Let’s hope they all can make the trip to Westport!

As you all know, last week saw our official launch with Westport House and we had a great turn out of Mini’s and owners despite the  inclement weather on the trip over.

This time of the year doesn’t really do the site of the IMM justice but by the time May comes around it should be in full bloom!


The most pressing issue at this moment is the looming date of March 17th. St Patrick’s Day sees the official launch of the Westport 250 celebrations within which the IMM will be a focal point in May.


It also sees the ticket prices for the IMM raise from €70 to €95. So get moving on the ticket page and get your ticket sorted and save yourself a few €€’s.

BMW International

Over the past number of weeks, we have been working closely with BMW to get their display organised for you all attending IMM 2017. This years promises to eye catching and perfectly in tune with the surroundings of Westport.  You wont miss it once you arrive on site. The BMW team have a wealth of amazing plans which we hope to be able to give you more on as we get closer to the time. Don’t forget to drop in for a chat over the weekend.


As you can see from the traders page on the website, the number of traders is increasing every week. This week we are proud to announce the attendance of:

T Guessworks

T South lakelands MC

T Sticky Fingers

Mini Trimmingsminitrimmings

Solent Electrics – Mini Auto Components


Sunday Show @ IMM 2017


Yesterday, we have a number of members of Mourne Mini Club make the trip to Westport to meet with us in relation to running and organising the Sunday Show at the IMM. We are delighted for them to come on board with us, as this is a central part of the Sunday events and will be open to the public for viewing. We have no doubt it will be a great success. Thanks for the help guys.


Being mindful of this good news, the team at the IMM would like to pass on our condolences to the members of the Mourne Mini Club on the sudden death of one of their members, David Ball. Our thoughts are with all of you and his family at this difficult time.



Sunday Tickets

Sunday tickets are not available for purchase before the event.

To access the site on the Sunday for the Sunday Show or just as a visitor, you must pay at the gate for entry. Payment will be accepted by CASH ONLY.


  • Sunday Show Car + Driver = €20
  • Sunday Passenger/Walk in = €10
  • Under height of classic Mini = Free


Only cars entered for the Sunday Show are permitted on site.


ALL OTHER VEHICLES must be parked off site at the various town car-parks. Access to the site is pedestrian only.


Site Layout and Essentials

We are on the 3rd draft of site map and at this stage its just a matter of including all the small bits and pieces to make you you have all of the necessary information while on site. Once we have it sorted you will see it here first.

In relation to food and shopping while at the IMM, we will have an expansive food court area for you that will cater for as many of your needs as possible. Obviously the traders area will be central to most of your plans also. You can go for a pint and then a wanders, as the traders will be right next door. This might be a good thing, or a bad thing. We aren’t just sure yet…

For all of your other needs, we are fortunate that the IMM site is right next to the town of Westport, just a short walk away. there are a multitude of shops, supermarkets and petrol stations so you wont be left short. All of this info will be to hand when you arrive anyway.


Contact Us:

As always you can contact us here on the website at the following email addresses:



Ticket Sales:

General Queries:

Contact us also at the IMM Facebook Page if you have queries and we will get you in touch with the relevant person.


Have a good one,

The IMM Team


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