‘Tis week saw th’ announcement ‘o our band ‘o pirates ‘n Princesses cannon ball fer th’ Saturday nightfall ‘o IMM 2017. So dust off th’ costumes ‘n get them packed fer a nightfall ‘o debauchery!

Just remember to live by th’ rules:

  1. Each person may own only one scurvy pirate costume.
  2. One must drink ‘spiced rum whenever wearin’ a scurvy pirate costume.
  3. Scurvy pirate costumes may never be washed, unless th’ scurvy pirate jumps into a natural body ‘o rum while wearin’ th’ costume.
  4. If three band ‘o pirates high-five to a rule, then it becomes law fer all band ‘o pirates at all future scurvy pirate-nights.
  5. Scurvy pirate laws may never be made up while not dressed as band ‘o pirates.


Right that’s enough of that! These posts are hard enough to put together without that jibberish!!


It was one of those weeks that saw steady progress on items without being entirely interesting. Wednesday evening saw a meeting of Joe, Joe, Martin and Mary to finalise the Event Management Plan for the event. This is one of the more important documents for the running of large events in Ireland. It all adds to the safety and enjoyment of everyone when attending the event.

Along with this, saw the rules for the event being drawn up. While we wont publish these just yet, they will be included in the event program that you will all receive upon entering and registering for the event. These will outline the rules of the IMM and are similar to previous IMM’s. We will have a couple that are particular to our site, and the fact that Westport House and Gardens is a historic venue. All in good time.

March 17th Ticket Price Increase


Just a gentle reminder to those of you that have yet you purchase you tickets for IMM 2017. Prices increase on the St Patrick’s Day so be sure to visit the ticket page here to get yours!!

Economy Run Planning

16729479_1567736866599986_1749275349250543691_n 16711525_1567736856599987_4798169902274787297_n

Sunday last, saw Aidan and Neil Kilbane rack up the miles planning the economy run around the idyllic Wild Atlanic Way. As you will quickly find out, we have some fearless, weathered sheep in the west of Ireland, so dont be surprised if they stay exactly where they were as you zoom by in your Mini!


Our Fearless Leader…..


February 15th, the day after all the roses and what not…, saw the birthday of this cube:


If anyone knows his whereabouts or finds him wandering the countryside, please return him to us here at the IMM 2017  in Westport.

As for his mate, well lets hope he finds a better hat for the Pirates and Princesses Ball.


This week saw a few companies commit to traders at the event, namely Min E Bitz, Guessworks GP and Mini Trimmings. As the weeks pass by the traders are steadily registering for the event. Email Joceyln/Paul at and they will get you sorted.


Dont forget to visit the IMM shop to purchase you official IMM merchandise. Darren will get your stuff to you before you know it!

Official Westport House Photo-shoot

Next weekend, on Saturday 25th at 12.30, we are holding the official photo-shoot for the launch of the IMM in Westport House. We are hoping for a large turnout of Minis at the site. It will be the first time most IMOC members will have had the chance to see the site in relation to holding the event, so pop along and we will be happy to get you all up to speed on proceedings.

Contact Us

As always you can contact us here on the website at the following email addresses:



Ticket Sales:

General Queries:

Contact us also at the IMM Facebook Page if you have queries and we will get you in touch with the relevant person.


Jolly luck fer now ‘n heartly enjoy th’ week. Chat before I sail out fer more updates.

The IMM Team

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