March Madness afoot…

Welcome all, A fruitful week here at the IMM. Great to see all the photos coming in for the latest competition. 250 odd posts at this stage. Keep them flying in, JP only loves the notifications coming through on the phone!! 👌 Some gorgeous examples and lots of works in progress! Let’s hope they all[…]



‘Tis week saw th’ announcement ‘o our band ‘o pirates ‘n Princesses cannon ball fer th’ Saturday nightfall ‘o IMM 2017. So dust off th’ costumes ‘n get them packed fer a nightfall ‘o debauchery! Just remember to live by th’ rules: Each person may own only one scurvy pirate costume. One must drink ‘spiced[…]


Westport 250 @ IMM 2017

Afternoon guys, Hope all your preparations for the IMM are coming together. Our blog post is a bit later than normal this time, as we had a busy weekend of meetings with the IMM and the IMOC. We held our IMOC AGM on Sunday and presented a progress update to all of the club members[…]