IMM 2017: Been there, done that!

Hi Guys, Apologies for the tardiness of this post. As you can well imagine, the committee and volunteers are just beginning to return to some semblance of normality after what was, an EPIC IMM!!! Throughout the week and as we speak, posts and pictures are being posted on social media detailing everyone’s experiences and memories[…]


Westport Ahoy!

Hi all, Hope all your preparations are coming along well. Its been a couple of weeks since we have had an update on the website. As you can imagine things are beginning to ramp up from an organisational point of view. There are lots of balls up in the air at the moment and one[…]


IMM Events List + Timetable

Evening all, A quick update as we promised. We may be adding a couple of little bits here and there so keep an eye out. Enjoy!!   Thursday 25th May 12.00                     IMM Gates open 12.00                     Trade stands, info office and food court open 20.00 – til late     MUSIC: Disco with Uncle Eamo Friday[…]


Club Survey Sent!

Evening all, Short little post for you this evening with a few updates. This morning we sent out a club survey to all registered clubs attending IMM. This is a relatively short survey that will help us here at IMM HQ make accurate provisions for the clubs attending. At the moment we are only surveying[…]