Club Survey Sent!

Evening all,

Short little post for you this evening with a few updates.

This morning we sent out a club survey to all registered clubs attending IMM. This is a relatively short survey that will help us here at IMM HQ make accurate provisions for the clubs attending. At the moment we are only surveying clubs, so the survey has been sent to the contact email we have for the club. If you are attending as a club and we haven’t contacted you, please contact here at or on the Facebook page. If you are not a member of a club don’t worry, we will be in contact soon.

As I’m typing, I am getting lots of notifications of completed surveys. Obviously this is the time everyone is getting to catch up on emails. They have been flying in today!! Thanks for the prompt responses.

This survey will be open until April 10th so try to get your responses into us. We will have plenty of reminders over the coming days so you may well be sick of listening to us by the end of it!

Ticket Holders

We will be sending out a 2nd survey in the coming week or so, for all attendees. This will have a similar layout to the club survey, but we would ask that you all take the time to consider the questions carefully. If we can build up an accurate body of information, we can be more accurate in our work. We will send this survey to the email you ordered your tickets with.


If you have not received your tickets by email, please contact us at Stuart will sort it out for you.

Some emails have been submitted incorrectly and we have sorted this out for some people already. Sorting out these issues will save time we passing through registration we you arrive at the event.


Lots of little jobs sorted this week. With the big push on tickets up to March 17th, we have seen an understandable slow down in sales. With the numbers beginning to plateau, we are finalising the T-shirt design and welcome pack orders. Darren and Germaine are busy compiling the final data and we hope to get everything processed in the coming days.

Traders numbers have increased in the last few days and can be seen on the traders page of the website. Jocelyn and Paul have put in some busy weeks getting all sorted and its beginning to take its final shape.

Won’t say too much more, but its all taking shape nicely.

As we lead up to the event, we will keep the blog post short and quite regular for small updates. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more info.

Contact Us:

As always you can contact us here on the website at the following email addresses:



Ticket Sales:

General Queries:


Enjoy the weekend guys,

The IMM Team


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