IMM 2017: Been there, done that!

Hi Guys,

Apologies for the tardiness of this post. As you can well imagine, the committee and volunteers are just beginning to return to some semblance of normality after what was, an EPIC IMM!!! Throughout the week and as we speak, posts and pictures are being posted on social media detailing everyone’s experiences and memories of what was an event to remember! We as organisers, especially those 4 or 5 of us that have had access to the admin side of Facebook, have been inundated with so many well wishes and comments of such positivity  that we are still on a high from them and will be in the coming weeks!

Personally, this was my first experience of an IMM and my god what an experience it was! From my involvement on the Facebook side of the event and listening to the stories and tales of Joe Whyte and others of other IMM’s, I had begun to recognise names and faces of seasoned IMM attendees. I was already aware of the camaraderie within the the Mini scene in Ireland, but I was blown away by amazing characters and genuinely nice people all you IMMer’s are. My own Facebook friends list has begun to increase steadily with some of the soundest people anyone is likely to meet in their lifetime. Despite running around like a headless chicken at times in a manner unbecoming of an Event Treasurer, I did find the time to chat some of you and even managed a small drink with one or two also. While sampling some of the international beer and liqueurs, I was party to lots of sound advice and a small sample of the some IMM tales. I shall have to work on making my attendance at this event a more regular occurrence in future years.

With that, I am going to sign off until next week and in an effort to give you a flavour of all that happened over IMM 2017, and will give you a day by day diary of what took place and of the fun and frolics that we as organisers were aware of.

Chat soon,

Colin and The IMM Team

2 thoughts on “IMM 2017: Been there, done that!

  • Hi Colin and to all involved in organising the IMM ’17.

    I have been attending IMM’s from the very beginning of them in 1978. Although i did not manage to attend Bandon in ’97, i must say that this IMM will be hard to beat!! The word epic is quite appropriate, and i’d like to add: well organised and executed, friendly, well chosen site, awesome entertainment, great catering, so basically – you guys from the Irish Mini Owners Club have ticked ALL the boxes to make such a mega event extra special for all who attended – many many thanks for that!!
    I would also like to take the opportunity to say a special BIG thank you to Aidan MCGrath and Paul Kelly for taking up their valuable time to talk to me for quite some time and explaining in some serious detail about the “Irish build Minis” – much obliged!!
    12 out of 10!!!

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