IMM 2017 Diary. Part 1 of 2

Hey folks,

As I said in the last post, we are going to attempt to fill you in on the goings on from the IMM @ Westport House. As you can see by your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, we all have our own little stories and tales from the IMM in Ireland. This is an attempt to fill you in on some of the ‘behind the scenes’ stories.

While I only made it to the site on the Tuesday evening before the opening day, the team was already well ‘dug in’ at Westport House. I drove up the drive to find Joe Whyte and Tom Reilly laying tarmac on all of the speed bumps to protect the undersides and exhausts as you moved around the site later in the week.


As this was going on, we also had various signs being erected for your entertainment later in the week. The majority of these went up the following day, save that they might grow legs too early in the event.


As I hadn’t been on site before this point, I took a trip over to the Big Red Barn, red not so much as green but who would be looking.

2017-05-20-12-15-04 18671607_1703395453034126_7925430285669436753_o

18623617_1703394079700930_2568076883601493351_o 18672914_1703394753034196_918011107746392242_o




The Big Red Barn proved to be an amazing centre of entertainment throughout the event for lots of reasons. Not only did it have an phenomenal atmosphere throughout the event, but the large bar inside made it just the spot for refreshments and lemonades during the festivities. More from there later.

Despite the site at Westport House having very nice serviced campsites already, Campsites B & C, the team had a mountain of work to do in order to get the other campsites ready for all of you. Campsite D and E were in close proximity to most of the festivities, Campsite A was a big challenge due to its potential size.


Toilet facilities and water were the main priorities for these sites, along with access and egress for all the cars and campers.

img_3804 img_3803


img_3797 dsc_0121

dsc_0122 dsc_0119


img_3801 img_3800

Tom, in the woolly hat (on the hottest bloody day of the year!!) is the one responsible for the Corgi Box. So we must give him the kudos for that! Another wonderful stroke of delegation from the boss, Joe Whyte…. Along with Tom, his brother Simon was responsible for the spraying and finishing of the Corgi Box, so a big thanks from all of us. You may have noticed his discrete black Mini tipping about over the weekend, very inconspicuous altogether…


Considering the number of pictures from the Corgi Box posted on Facebook, everyone made great use of it!!


As well as water there were facilities to be setup:

18623249_1703395983034073_718265000728056957_o 18671739_1703395926367412_2874134190568212364_o 18738474_1703394879700850_7517878300628558150_o 18623364_1703395689700769_3750162148176160949_o

Apart from all of that, each of the temporary entrances into the campsites needed to be prepared with gravel in case of bad weather. This was all done by hand with the lads doing storming work over the few days.


On top of all of this work in preparing the sites and getting the ground works done, every campsite had to be fully fenced off, along with all of the traders areas and other areas which were of importance during the event. This was a mammoth task with hundreds of sections of security fencing to be erected.


img_0019 img_0020 img_0022 img_0024

More in the next blog post….





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