IMM 2017 Diary. Part 2 of 2

More of the setup…

img_6844 img_6825  img_6834  img_6817


While all the setup of the site was happening, in the background the other part of the team was working just as hard! Getting all of the welcome packs together for everyone took some time and great coordination. Great work done by all.

What could be better than a wall of Tayto??

img_6856 img_6860

22-111 22-109 22-106 22-1 22-3


All ~2300 bags completed in great time and some of the team involved.

22-107 22-4

A special word of thanks to the Caledonian Mini Club for their offer of help and great work in helping with the bags. They happened to be on site at the time and wanted to help out. Much appreciated!!



Throughout the days running up to the opening of the event, the team needed to be fed and watered. This was handled by this man, Neil Kilbane. Always good for a chat and you would never leave hungry or thirsty! A seriously important job during an event like this!


img_0034 img_0031

On top of all of that, we had the Big ‘Red/Green’ Barn to light up. No better man than Mr. Entertainment himself. The barn wasnt even finished when he started into it. Didnt turn out too bad in the end either.


img_6889 img_6903

img_6907 img_6904


This is only a sample of the hours and hours of work put in by all of the team and volunteers over the days before the event. Keep an eye out for updates on the days following.


The IMM Team

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