Less than 6 weeks to go!

Evening all,

Countdown timer is still ticking to the opening of IMM 2017 in Westport. Less than 6 weeks away at this stage.


-273Days -8Hours -19Minutes -42Seconds


Preparations are kicking into high gear, with this being one of the busier weeks so far. Lots of emailing flying around and even more phone calls between the committee members.  We are OVER 2,600 tickets sold and as a result of this we are expanding our area for entertainment to cater for it. One of the integral parts of the IMM in Westport is the Big Red Barn. We are set to have the largest Big Red Barn ever constructed in Ireland for you to enjoy the ‘Ceol agus Craic’ during the weekend.

big-red-barn-logo-american-style-barn imm-logo-2017_efox_lr

This week has also seen E Fox Engineers Ltd and Jefferson Professional Tools and Equipment come on-board as Gold Sponsors of the event. We are delighted to have them supporting us through the event and their support will be invaluable for the event.


This week saw the survey for attendees sent out to all ticket holders and we have had hundreds of responses so far. Thanks to all have responded so far.

We sent out the survey for Clubs a couple of weeks ago, and we have nearly received all the responses back from them. We are still waiting on a few clubs to get back to us, so if you haven’t replied you should be getting a follow up reminder email. The information you have provided is already being put to good use by the Site Manager, Joe Conboy and will be analysed in the coming weeks to finalise site plans. If you are attending as a club, haven’t registered with you, please contact us at info@imm2017.ie  and Mary will sort things out for you.


This is a genuine IMM ’97 jacket which will be available as the prize for the raffle.


Site Map


This is the layout of the site for the IMM in Westport. A couple of points to note:

  1. If you are using a Satnav or Google Maps etc to get to the location, the Main Entrance is located on the Quay Road in Westport. This will bring you through the town of Westport when getting to the entrance.
  2. The main area of entertainment and food is highlighted in pink and blue, just above centre in the map. No camping location is more than a 5 minute walk to this.
  3. The Pirate Adventure Area, is between Camper Site 3 and Westport House itself.

Guessworks Engine Rebuild Weekend


John from Guessworks is attending IMM in Westport and has decided to provide an engine rebuild demonstration over the weekend. The rebuild will be taken at a sedate pace over the weekend and will take place at his stand in the traders area. No doubt he will answer any questions you may have as the build progresses so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get his advice on any areas which might be causing you concern on your rebuild.

Rocker Cover Racing


Don’t forget to get your Rocker Cover Racers together for the event at IMM. Hopefully you are getting the finishing touches to them at this stage 😉 and its only a matter of getting your covers polished and waxed for racing!

Here’s a reminder of the rules for all interested:

The rules are simple, once you have found a mini rocker cover.

1. This is a fun event: Any person taking it too seriously will be ridiculed and shunned.
2. The judges’ decision is final although bribes are greatly received!
3. Teams are welcome to wear racing suits, fireproof overalls, helmets, goggles etc., but do so at their own risk of being laughed at.

The Cars (the rocker cover variety, not the real things)
4. Cars must be recognisably from a Mini engine and have four wheels.
5. Cars must not have any form of mechanical propulsion or steering, gravity being the only power source.
6. Weight and dimensions (in imperial measures because that’s what Minis were made in):
Length – up to 14 inches.
Width – up to 8 inches.
Height – up to 8 inches.
Wheel diameter – up to 5 inches.
Weight – up to 8 pounds.
Race machines will all be scrutinized before the start of event and then randomly throughout the competition.
7. Sponsorship logos, racing stickers and car names are encouraged but no obscenities please.
8. Wings for downforce, spoilers air dams and other appendages are all permitted so long as they fit in the nominated maximum dimensions of the car. They probably won’t do any good but we can all have a good giggle at them.

The Race
9. Entries will be divided into Pool Groups. There will then be Round Robin, Best of Three, races between each competitor in the pool. Pool winners advance to the Finals.
10.The racers will start with their front wheels on the start line. The first racer to have its front wheels cross the finish line is the winner. If neither racer makes it to the finish, the one going the furthest distance wins.
11.Any racer crossing a lane marker shall be disqualified. The other racer becomes the winner.
12.The Finals will be Open Draw, Knock-Out, Best of Three races. Winners will advance to the next round until all are eliminated except one who becomes the outright winner.
13.There is no rule 13 (Superstitious, who me?)
14.Any protest must be lodged with the judge who will remind you of rule 1.
15.There are no more rules.

The racing will be held over the course of the event culminating with the Finals on the Sunday evening in the Big Red Barn.

Ferry Deals


Just a reminder to anyone that still has to book ferries or are thinking about travelling to Ireland for the IMM, Stenaline are still running their deals for you. Contact us at info@imm2017.ie for the code for the deal.

Contact Us

As always you can contact us here on the website at the following email addresses:

Traders: traders@imm2017.ie

Sponsorship: sponsorship@imm2017.ie

Ticket Sales: ticketsales@imm2017.ie

General Queries: info@imm2017.ie

Contact us also at the IMM Facebook Page if you have queries and we will get you in touch with the relevant person


Till next week,

The IMM Team

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