Mini’s in Official Westport 250 Launch

Yesterday saw 18 Mini’s and their owners and passengers from the various clubs around Ireland took part in the rescheduled St Patrick’s Day Parade and official launch of Westport 250. The weather held up for the parade, which turned out to be one of the longest that Westport has ever had. Joe Conboy organised the run which was a great success and the Mini’s were very well received by the locals there. Its fair to say that you all will be guaranteed Ceád Míle Failte on your arrival in the town. (Just watch some of the speed bumps. One or two of the members and their exhausts found this out on the trip around the town)

A video of the cars lined up is below along with some photos.

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Thanks to Eugene Burke for these photos

And the Mini spirit was also well and truly alive, as Tom Mealif gave his car to Tom Reilly and his wife and girls to take part in the parade. Fair play Tom.


Ongoing Preparations

Preparations for your arrival at the IMM are coming along very well, with the next committee meeting scheduled later this week. As you may have seen on Facebook in the past few days, Aidan is making great progress in his preparations to direct you to the site and around it when you arrive. Plans are already afoot for some underhanded behaviour, Peggy and Caz, so if you all wouldn’t mind leaving them around the site as long as possible that would be just wonderful.

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And this one isn’t for a new product that we are launching….not IMOM :-).


Darren and Germaine have been busy finalising things for the welcome bags and merchandise and have made great progress this week. Finishing touches should happen in the coming days.

Club Surveys

Big thanks to all clubs that have sent in their information in the survey responses. We have well over 3/4 of all clubs with detailed responses returned and this information is already being compiled so we can best suit the needs of the clubs. While this information is very welcome, it can only provide us with a best guess in relation to setting out the site. We will do our utmost to make sure you are all catered for.

As we want to get as much information from clubs as possible, we are going to leave the submission time for the survey open a little longer. Please email us if you have any queries.

Attendee Surveys

We will send out the survey for individuals attending the IMM in the coming days. These surveys are different to the club surveys and will serve to further refine how we will manage the needs of everyone attending.


Just a reminder to everyone that we have a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section on the IMM 2017 website that will tend to most of you queries. Find it here

Contact Us:

As always you can contact us here on the website at the following email addresses:



Ticket Sales:

General Queries:


We will have more info this time next week. Enjoy!

The IMM Team


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