New Venue for IMM 2017!!

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We understand people’s concerns and frustrations in relation to our announcement on changing the venue yesterday evening. Please bear with us during this transition period, while we are attending to queries, PM’s and emails. If we were in the same position as you, we would exhibit the same concerns.

The change of venue was due to a significant part of the lands we planned to use for the event being SOLD in the past few months. Despite many months of negotiations with the new owners, we were unable to find a solution to this impasse. As a team, we looked at all possibilities to attain more land and use other surrounding facilities. These attempts proved futile. The demand and interest in the event, left us in a position that the remaining land would not cater for the event safely.

This left us with two harsh realities: Cancel the event or move to our alternate location.

It was at this point we decided to change the location. Obviously, before announcing this, we needed to negotiate with the new venue to be guaranteed we could host the event safely and within our capacity.

Although this has caused significant difficulties for all involved, we have secured a venue set in one of the best tourist towns/areas in the country and with facilities which were not previously available to us. The new venue will add some extra travel time from both ports but you will not be disappointed when you arrive in the town of Westport. At this stage we have about 6 months to work with those of you experiencing difficulties and we will do everything in our power to aid your transition to the new location.

If you need assistance please email or PM us, and we will work with you to make the event a success.

If you are a trader, please be patient with us while we finalise the specifics for you in the coming days.

We apologise for the difficulties and the inconvenience, but we know you will help us make this a great event in 2017.

Yours in Mini’s,

The IMM Team

We are delighted to have partnered with Westport House Estate, Westport, Co. Mayo.
This venue will bring the event to a whole new level!
Please find links to our new venue below:
Thanks for your continued support,
IMM 2017 Team



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