Official Launch of IMM 2017 @ Westport House

Hi all,

Yesterday, many members of the IMOC braved the less than wonderful February weather to make their way to Westport House for the photoshoot and Official Launch of IMM 2017!

35 Minis and their owners turned up to the stunning Westport House to officially launch IMM 2017. Biddy Hughes, representing Westport House met with the IMOC members and introduced Westport House as the venue for the the IMM. The local press were present for photos and these should be printed local papers in the coming weeks.

Many took a tour of the site to get a feel for the layout of the IMM. With the draft maps drawn up and printed, this gave everyone a great feel for how expansive, yet intimate the venue is and this should greatly add to the atmosphere of the event. Obviously as we get closer to the event (3 months yesterday) we will be providing you all with a wealth of information on site layout and procedures and what not. All of this information will also be provided in the event programme that will make up part of your welcome pack.

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Destination Westport

On Tuesday last, Joe, Joe Conboy, Jason Whyte and I attended a meeting with the Committee for the Westport 250 celebrations. Joe made an informative presentation to the committee on what the IMM event is all about and how it will benefit the town of Westport. Many of the committee is made up of local business people and they are all looking forward to the influx of Mini’s and their owners into the town.

If you are look for Ceád Míle Failte you can be guaranteed to find them in Westport at IMM 2017!!







Ticket Prices and St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2017

The IMM 2017 and IMOC will be in attendance at the Westport St. Patricks Day Parade on March 17th for the official launch of the Westport 250 celebrations. This coincides with the change in ticket prices for the IMM.






Keep an eye out on Facebook in the coming weeks for a special prize in relation to this.

Questions over the weeks

Over the last few months we have had hundreds of queries through Facebook and the website and we are happy to answer them. Keep them coming in to us and we will get back to you with the info you are looking for.

Many queries have been in relation to activities that can be completed outside of the venue and after the official IMM is finished. The West of Ireland, as you are already aware, has some of the best coastline scenery in the world and its ruggedness is a draw for massive number of tourists every year.

We have had a couple of queries in relation to fishing and we hope to announce some details on this in the coming weeks. Whether river angling or deep sea fishing, the west has it all to offer.

If you have queries in relation to cycling, hiking, hill walking, water sports, horse riding or anything else, do not hesitate to ask. We have loads of contacts so we should be able to help out in some way.


Dont forget to visit the IMM shop to purchase you official IMM merchandise. Darren will get your stuff to you before you know it!

IMM 2017 Events

Aidan, our events manager, is hard at work finalising the list of events for IMM. We will announce this soon so you all have an idea when planning your trip to IMM. The list is expansive with lots of smaller activities taking place around the site during the weekend. These will all take place in conjunction with the Pirate Adventure Park and the other on site activities. The timetabling for these events has yet to be finalised, and once we have a clear final number of people attending we will be posting this information.

The main driving events, the Economy Run and the Treasure Hunt, will get you all out and about to see the beauty that the West of Ireland has to offer. These events will have a sign up sheet when you arrive and settle on the site. We have quite a number of enthusiasts attending the event that unfortunately cannot attend in their own Mini’s. They would love to be able to take part in these events and we are sure people would love to bring them along for the spin if you have a spare seat.


IMM Team hard at work…


Site Layout and Map 

The second draft of the final site map is now completed and we hope to publish it soon on the website. This will be published along with the rules of the event and will give you a clear outline of how the site will work.

Family Camping

There will be an area for family camping that will be out of the main hustle and bustle of the entertainment, but no one will be more than about a 5 minute walk from the main hub of the IMM.

Club Camping

We have plenty of queries wondering about club camping and how they book for it etc. This information can only compiled once we have a full picture of the final numbers attending the IMM. Joe, our site manager, has all of this in hand and will make sure that all clubs are given the necessary space required to accommodate everyone.

You will be receiving emails, which we will advertise on this site and the Facebook page, to identify numbers and space requirements for each club when attending the IMM. This will happen in good time when the ticket sales end in April.


Our traders area is filling up nicely so you should all have plenty of opportunity to stock up on any bits you might need. We will have a comprehensive list published closer to the event. Keep an eye on the traders page on the website for updates as we get them.



Sunday Tickets

Sunday tickets are not available for purchase before the event.

To access the site on the Sunday for the Sunday Show or just as a visitor, you must pay at the gate for entry. Payment will be accepted by CASH ONLY.


  • Sunday Show Car + Driver = €20
  • Sunday Passenger/Walk in = €10
  • Under height of classic Mini = Free


Only cars entered for the Sunday Show are permitted on site.


ALL OTHER VEHICLES must be parked off site at the various town car-parks. Access to the site is pedestrian only.




Contact Us:

As always you can contact us here on the website at the following email addresses:



Ticket Sales:

General Queries:

Contact us also at the IMM Facebook Page if you have queries and we will get you in touch with the relevant person.


Have a good one,

The IMM Team



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