Official Sponsors Announced!


The Team here at the IMM 2017 Ireland is delighted to welcome Mini Sport on board as Official Sponsor to the event. 

Earlier they stated they are “proud to be sponsoring the event and looking forward to working with you”

Mini Sport is renowned as one of the worlds “Leading Mini Specialists” and caters for the needs of Mini enthusiasts the world over. We are delighted to have them as official sponsor to the event and hope that you will all avail of their expertise and experience during the event.

MINI @ Westport House



This week saw Claudia Huebner from BMW meet with us in Westport for a tour of the site and facilities to get a feel for how the event will unfold. While the weather was not awfully kind, Westport House, its grounds and its amenities impressed as always.

We will have some exciting announcements in the time leading up to the event in relation to this.

IMM 2017 @ Bingley



Last weekend, we had some of the IMM team over to say hello. The lads were delighted with the support for everyone and even managed to fit in a small bit of socialising on the Saturday night. By all accounts, it was decent practice for everyone leading up to the event. We sold a number of tickets at the stand, and these are being processed at the moment so you should be receiving emails soon regarding them.

Dogs @ IMM 2017

A two year old Golden Retriever patently waiting for a walk as she lays on the floor looking at the leash and tennis ball, as sunlight shines across her and the floor. "Missy"


In an update to our policy on dogs, we have made the change to allow dogs on site at the event. In previous months, we have had quite a number of queries around the issue of dogs and their attendance. In response to this we decided to review the policy and have had it agreed in line with Health and Safety that dogs are allowed on site.


  • All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • Owners must clean up after their dog. Failure to do so will incur a fine
  • We are not providing kennelling, so bear this in mind when considering your pet

If you plan on staying before or after the IMM, in the facilities at Westport, please contact Westport House directly for their policy regarding dogs on site.

FOOD: Rumbles Restaurants


We are proud to announce that Rumbles Restaurants have come on board to provide nourishment throughout the event. Rumbles armed with the “Dietary Requirements” information you have provided when ordering your tickets are working closely with us to try and set out menus which will cater all your needs.

Rumbles are an experienced catering company with over 20 years experience in the industry. They have a wide range of menu options which should appeal to all tastes.




IMM 2017 Hoodies are now in stock. Darren is organising photos and more info so drop us a message here on the website if you are interested.

Our stock levels in the shop for other items are now replenished so don’t forget to have a look to see if something takes your fancy.


We have lots of information passed out to traders and already have some which have committed to attending. Jocelyn is working hard to contact everyone, so bear with her while she works through the emails.

Club Camping and Family Camping.

The past few weeks have brought an increase in the queries around club camping at the IMM. All of the information required in relation to this will be finalised at the end of the ticket selling process. We will contact all clubs that have registered with us for the event, getting all of the information needed to allocate the correct space requirements for each club. Obviously we want to make sure that we can accommodate every one where they want to camp, so please be patient in relation to this.

For those of you looking for a designated family camping area, we are also providing an area for this away from the main hustle and bustle of the festivities. When we are making contact close to the end of ticket sales, we will be asking you specifically about this. We have an abundance of U-16’s attending the event and we imagine this area will be pretty sizable. The layout and design of the venue will lend itself wonderfully for more secluded areas for families when camping.

Keep an eye out for emails from the us about this. We will be publicising this massively when the time comes one the website and the Facebook page when the time comes, so you shouldn’t miss it.


A reminder to all thinking about purchasing tickets but have not. Prices for tickets are increasing on March 17thAfter this date we will be unable to guarantee receipt of a welcome pack when you travel to the event.

This increased rate will continue until early April when the ticketing will close permanently.

Travelling to the Event

We have our travel deals with the ferry companies still ongoing so just contact us on the Facebook page or here on the website at the contact us page to get the codes to avail of the deals.


Please keep your clubs logos coming into us so we can add you to the website. We will link the logos to your club page also one we get them sorted.

Contact Us

As always you can contact us here on the website at the following email addresses:



Ticket Sales:

General Queries:

Contact us also at the IMM Facebook Page if you have queries and we will get you in touch with the relevant person.


Most of us on the IMM Team are working full-time outside of this event, many of us with young families, and as we all know there are only so many hours in the day. We understand that sometimes emails are not replied to instantly, but we are working extremely hard to keep these wait times to a minimum. We appreciate that everyone has trips to plan to make it to the event so we appreciate the patience you have displayed so far and hope you continue to support us like this in future weeks.


Is sinne le meas,

IMM Team


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