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Welcome all to the weekly update of IMM 2017.

Lots going on this week and lots to get through.

Rocker Cover Racing

This photo sparked quite a bit of banter over on the FB page. It marked the announcement of the Rocker Cover Racing and Rocker Cover Concourse at IMM 2017.


With our resident rocker cover baron Neil Kilbane organising the event, the rules of the competition follow.

The rules are simple, once you have found a mini rocker cover.

1. This is a fun event: Any person taking it too seriously will be ridiculed and shunned.
2. The judges’ decision is final although bribes are greatly received!
3. Teams are welcome to wear racing suits, fireproof overalls, helmets, goggles etc., but do so at their own risk of being laughed at.

The Cars (the rocker cover variety, not the real things)
4. Cars must be recognisably from a Mini engine and have four wheels.
5. Cars must not have any form of mechanical propulsion or steering, gravity being the only power source.
6. Weight and dimensions (in imperial measures because that’s what Minis were made in):
Length – up to 14 inches.
Width – up to 8 inches.
Height – up to 8 inches.
Wheel diameter – up to 5 inches.
Weight – up to 8 pounds.
Race machines will all be scrutinized before the start of event and then randomly throughout the competition.
7. Sponsorship logos, racing stickers and car names are encouraged but no obscenities please.
8. Wings for downforce, spoilers air dams and other appendages are all permitted so long as they fit in the nominated maximum dimensions of the car. They probably won’t do any good but we can all have a good giggle at them.

The Race
9. Entries will be divided into Pool Groups. There will then be Round Robin, Best of Three, races between each competitor in the pool. Pool winners advance to the Finals.
10.The racers will start with their front wheels on the start line. The first racer to have its front wheels cross the finish line is the winner. If neither racer makes it to the finish, the one going the furthest distance wins.
11.Any racer crossing a lane marker shall be disqualified. The other racer becomes the winner.
12.The Finals will be Open Draw, Knock-Out, Best of Three races. Winners will advance to the next round until all are eliminated except one who becomes the outright winner.
13.There is no rule 13 (Superstitious, who me?)
14.Any protest must be lodged with the judge who will remind you of rule 1.
15.There are no more rules.


As you can see, only the most professional, well oiled and well organised racers need apply…and get ridiculed.

The racing will be held over the course of the event culminating with the Finals on the Sunday evening in the Big Red Barn.

Getting to the IMM


Just today saw the announcement that the Donegal Mini Owners Club will be providing help at the Mini Garage at the IMM and a recovery service for attendees.

Ger Crawford and others will be giving a hand at the Mini garage at the IMM for anyone who needs a hand repairing their Mini. We also have a recovery service for anyone heading to the IMM so if you break down somewhere in Ireland on your way to the IMM,we will get you to the IMM and help get your car fixed for the journey home.

Obviously, the organisers here at IMM 2017 want to provide the best event possible to all attendees, even if you have troubles on your adventures on the way here. So we will do everything we can to make sure you manage the final leg of the journey once you hit the shores of the Emerald Isle.

Maybe we might even recreate some Kodak moments such as this one….


You just can’t get the staff these days!! Anyone care to guess who is the ass?


As part of the trip through Ireland, we know some of you will want to break up the trip through Ireland with a few stops along the way. One of the stops that might well suit you, is to Cox’s Bar and Steakhouse in Dromod, Co. Leitrim. As well as providing any IMMer’s that drop in with a huge Irish welcome, they will keep you well fed for the remainder of your trip to Westport.

Adrian and his staff are going to be keeping everyone merry in the Big Red Barn too, as they will be running the bar at the IMM into the wee hours. So plenty of:


Paddy Hopkirk 


We are delighted to announce that Paddy Hopkirk will be in attendance at the IMM. He will be presenting prizes to the winners of different events on the Sunday and will be available to sign autographs etc during the event. Final details will be in announced later.

Preparations continue for IMM Events


Tomorrow sees Neil Kilbane and Aidan travel the roads of Westport and Mayo along the Wild Atlantic Way to put finishing touches to the routes for the Economy Fuel Run and a Treasure Hunt for the weekend days of IMM. You will experience some of the most iconic scenery in Ireland and driving routes which will leave you hungry for more. Check out some more details here.

More details of all of the events and the timetable for the IMM will be released closer to the date.


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As always, keep your queries coming into us and we will keep you up to date. And don’t forget…



The IMM Team


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