Westport Ahoy!

Hi all,

Hope all your preparations are coming along well. Its been a couple of weeks since we have had an update on the website. As you can imagine things are beginning to ramp up from an organisational point of view. There are lots of balls up in the air at the moment and one by one they are nicely falling into place, in anticipation of your arrival.

As far as we are aware, we have the first mini on the road to IMM 2017 Ireland as we speak. Andrea in Switzerland is packed and on the road for a trip where she will do a tour of the country before landing to us in Westport.

So where are we at the moment? Couple of things to remind you of at the event:




You MUST have your ticket for the event to gain access to the IMM! 



When you register at the gate on arrival, you will be scanned in and you will be fitted with access wristbands. These MUST be worn at all times during the event. This is to ensure your safety at the event. If you are on the IMM site without an wristband you will be asked to leave the site. Contact a steward or the information office if you loose your wristband.


Tickets should be printed, but digital tickets on Smartphones are acceptable. (Just make sure it doesn’t go dead) Digital tickets may slow the process of collecting your welcome pack so paper copies are preferable.

Public Open Day

Sunday 28th May is the only day open to the public. The site will open at 12.00. You cannot pre-book tickets. You must pay entry at the gate.

Public Entry is open from 12.00 – 17.00. Please see the schedule in the last blog post for a full itinerary for the event.

Pirates and Princesses Ball

Don’t forget the Pirates and Princesses Ball on the Saturday night of the event. It will begin at 21.00 in the Big Red Barn (Our main entertainment centre). So don’t forget to pack the costumes and keep the swords to toy ones 🙂



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Team Update

We are close to being just two weeks out from the event and this sees the final preparations right on track. Last weekend say our last main committee meeting before the event followed by an information day for IMOC members. A massive thank you to all who volunteered on the day. Without all of their generosity we wouldn’t be able to host the event for all of you. All IMMer’s will encounter various volunteers and stewards throughout the weekend so say ‘hi’.

Darren and Germaine in our merchandising team are beginning to take delivery of the event t-shirts and rally plaques as well as finalising the Event Programme which is about to go into print. We will announce where and when you can pick up your welcome packs closer to the event and how you can go about getting your IMM merchandise. We have some lovely event pins which will fly out the door!

Darren H, Martin and Joe C are flat out getting plans in place for the site and getting everything laid out to accommodate everyone that arrives. From Health and Safety to food to entertainment, they have everything under control with their meticulous planning and attention to detail.

Mary is answering all your queries that come through as well as the ones JP passes along from Facebook. She will be the center of operations in the Information office throughout the weekend, so don’t forget to say hi to her and her team if you are passing through.

Jocelyn and Paul are catering for all of our traders, and as I type, I see the emails flying out getting final details buttoned up for their arrival. We have over 20 traders with some nice surprises included.

Mr Entertainment himself, Aidan, is planning a party like no other so you will not be disappointed! He has ideas which he dreamed up which are about to bear fruit and should appeal to all members of the family! There will be Facebook updates before all of the events and the information boards around the site will keep you all informed when onsite. Registration for the Economy Run and the Treasure Hunt will be in the information office from 09.00 -11.00 on the day of the event. Jason W will be working with the Entertainer to keep you all updated in photos, so keep an eye for some slideshows in the evenings.

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We are looking to take over this Twitter handle for all Facebook and Twitter posts, so make sure to start tagging us with your updates! So when you start your IMM roadtrip keep us updated! We might even throw a little competition during the event for the best photos/tags.

Joe W is as busy as a bee at the moment and sure nearly needs a secretary at this stage. He’s “up to ninety” with preparations and coordinating all of the moving parts in this behemoth! The last couple of weeks has seen a serious amount of work done and we know everything will fall into place to create a most memorable IMM for all concerned.


In a development that we just learned of today, Nik Blackhurst and Richard Brunning from Bad Obsession Motorsport will be coming over to the IMM for the Minis and craic so be sure to stop and chat with them if you see them hanging around. Their Project Binky series on Youtube will definitely hold your attention from start to finish so make sure to get your questions ready!!


We are delighted to announce that Colm Quinn Mini in Athlone and Galway have come on-board as a main sponsor for the event. Watch out for their display of Minis at the bridge on the road to Westport House during the event. They will have lots of events and activities throughout the weekend so be sure to get involved!

Our Barman…

Some might say that the most important position in any IMM is not the event organiser, or the treasurer or even the entertainment manager, but the Barman. I hope to be able to put a face to our barman tomorrow as he is over in Westport with Joe W to sort out final plans. No doubt your will all get to know him and his staff well over the weekend, while you socialise over a few well earned lemonades… We’ll post the selfie as song as it comes through!

Food/Catering Update

We are finalising our menus for the event at the moment with out caterers Rumbles Restaurants. They have taken your suggestions and dietary requirements on-board and hopefully we can cater to the needs of everyone. Once I have the menus I will keep you updates here.


Presidents Meeting

The ethos of an IMM is that it is organised by a Club for all Mini Clubs. An important part of the future of IMM’s, is the Presidents Meeting on the Saturday morning and we want as many Mini Clubs as possible to attend this meeting.

After introducing your individual club at the Club Presentation on the Friday evening, you will receive 2 passes to the Presidents Meeting on the Saturday morning. It is not necessary to bring a gift when introducing your club, as this is our way of getting more clubs involved in IMM traditions.


Contact Us

As always you can contact us here on the website at the following email addresses:

Traders: traders@imm2017.ie

Sponsorship: sponsorship@imm2017.ie

Ticket Sales: ticketsales@imm2017.ie

General Queries: info@imm2017.ie

Contact us also at the IMM Facebook Page if you have queries and we will get you in touch with the relevant person



As always guys, hope the preparations are going well, and see you all soon.



The IMM Team

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